Troubadour, pianist, duo/trio or a party band for weddings

Hi! I’m a third-generation professional musician from Helsinki – I’ve played gigs in many different kind of events already for over ten years: wedding parties, pre-chirstmas and birthday parties – done ’em all! The gigs range from living-room performances to large corporate parties, and ensembles from a troubadour or a pianist to a live party band with 4-7 people.

Repertoir for many kinds of events

I have a vast and versatile repetory (cover songs), so I’m able to create just the right mood to any event; familiar pop/rock/soul-hits from 50’s to 2000’s, not forgetting evergreen hits- and jazz classics. Also waltzes and traditional finnish dance music is available.

A versatile musician

I have a degree in music from Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki, and I have played in many ensembles (i.e. Boston Promenade Big Band, Jean SBananaBand). My main instruments are piano/keys, guitar and singing, and I also play harmonica, plus some mandolin and banjo. In addition to gigs, I work as a studio musician and have written songs for many top artists in Finland (such as Robin, Suvi Teräsniska etc).

Listen here to some voice samples

Different ensembles

  • Troubadour (man and a guitar + harmonica)
  • Pianist (singing or instrumental)
  • Duo/trio-miniband + jazz duo
  • Party band Trademark (4-7 people)

Troubadour or pianist can be extended also with a violinist or a saxophonist – which is an excellent choice for example in a church, or background music to cocktail parties. Party band Trademark can be extended with a solo (female singer) or saxophone. Performances vary from one song to many hour sets depending on ensemble and event. Ask for more!

You can watch our promo videos HERE!

Voice samples

Trubaduuri häihin

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Trubaduuri häihin
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